Frenchtown Skate Park

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Frenchtown Skatepark

Frenchtown Skatepark Association is undertaking an ambitious project to build a skatepark in the heart of Frenchtown NJ.

As of June ‘24, we are awaiting a response from Green Acres NJ on our application to make Frenchtown Field a possible location.

We hope to hear back soon!

Why does Frenchtown

need a skatepark?

For a long time, Frenchtown has lacked a gathering space for older kids who have outgrown the playground.

Hunterdon County also lacks many resources for pre teens, and sadly has one of the highest youth self harm rates in the state.

We believe that youth deserve a safe and positive space in which to socialize, learn and grow as they navigate adolescence. We believe building a space for them, around an activity they love, would make Frenchtown a better place for all.

Proposed Skatepark Location

Along with the Mayor and the Boro Council, the FSA has selected an area the size of a basketball court in the SW corner of Frenchtown Field as the ideal location for the skatepark. This would occupy around 5% of the Frenchtown Field total area.

Because Frenchtown Field is a Green Acres site, we are currently applying for a Change of Use - ensuring that the field can be used for a skatepark .

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Community Feedback

From Nov 1 to Dec 17th, we collected 100 responses to a community survey regarding the skatepark.

We’ve since shared those survey results and our initial thoughts in the below link! Take a look to find out what the rest of the locals think about this idea!

the survey is for KIDS &


the survey is for KIDS &


Source: RAUCH
Source: RAUCH

Skateboarding Proven to Improve Teen Mental & Physical Health

University of South California published a 2020 study that revealed the positive impact of skateboarding on youth.

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