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When will the skatepark be built?

Building a skatepark will take up to two years.

First, we must receive our approval from Green Acres which could take up to 6 months. Second, we must develop a design, which could take another 6 months. Third, we must fundraise money to support our build.

Last, we must build it, which is a process that takes 5-7 months on average!

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Our hope is to have a skatepark in Frenchtown by Summer of 2025.

Will the skatepark be noisy?

A common misconception is that skateboarding is very noisy. That is because our experience with skateboards is when they roll down sidewalks. The sidewalk is much rougher than a skatepark, where the sound of wheels on smooth concrete are much more inaudible. Think of the difference in sound between rolling a shopping cart on the street vs rolling it inside of IGA. That’s the same experience with skateboards - on a properly designed skate surface, they are nearly inaudible.

Most of the noise one would hear is that of local kids having a good time. Sound studies conducted at skateparks across the nation have revealed skateparks to be about as loud as a few people have a conversation. In fact, the skatepark will emit less ambient sound than a baseball field or a playground.

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How much will the skatepark cost,

and who will pay for it?

The design phase for the skatepark will determine the cost for building, which can range from $75k all the way to $500K.

The FSA will fundraise and apply for grants to fund the build - no taxpayer will bear the burden of this initiative. That said, we would love community support, so if you are able to contribute (individually or as a business) please contact us to arrange a donation. All donations will be tax deductible.

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What will the skatepark look like?

Over the past two years, the FSA crew has visited many skateparks in NJ and PA to get ideas. Below are some rough concepts that we’ve been thinking about, but it is important to note that no design has been set in stone.

Our design will be determined by our total fundraised budget, the amount of space allotted , our ideal timeline and community input!

One thing we do know is that the park will be small to medium sized - think the size of a basketball court . We also know it will be sustainable, and done in a way that suits Frenchtown’s natural environment.

Is skateboarding safe for kids?

As a parent it’s important to know what kind of risks you or your kids are taking. Each sport includes risk–even playground equipment.

When it comes to injuries, skateboarding falls in eighth place. The first three positions are taken up by football, cycling and basketball.

There is certainly risk in skateboarding but you can be safer by avoiding large ramps, downhills, and wearing proper safety gear–especially young and inexperienced skateboarders.

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What do cops think about skateparks?

To examine the impact of public skateparks from the local law-enforcement perspective, the TH Foundation surveyed 102 law-enforcement officers in 37 municipalities with a skatepark.

They found that:

- 90% of the officers surveyed believed the skatepark is an asset to the community

- 91% of officers reported no major issues, such as bad behavior or crime, at the skatepark

A Sergeant from Massachusetts echoes this sentiment: I can honestly say that, based on my 27 years of police work, if you can keep kids busy like the skatepark has done, you have completely prevented a future adult offender.”

How To Get Involved

and help make this dream a reality

This winter, the FSA will be kicking off a series of local, skate inspired events in Frenchtown. We need volunteers to help coordinate alongside us! So shoot us an email!

[email protected]

We also need good vibes communicated to our Mayor and Council. If you’re a kid or parent who wants to see a skatepark in town, email our Mayor and let him know! [email protected]

and don’t forget to cc: [email protected]

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